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Office Contract Cleaning in Braintree & Harlow

Professional Office Cleaning Contractor in Braintree

The task of cleaning is often dismissed as a tedious but necessary evil, and something that needs to be mindlessly repeated on a regular basis. Cleaning is what we do best here at Berkeley Cleaning, and we use the latest innovative cleaning products, methods and technology to achieve outstanding results in parts of Essex like Braintree and Harlow.
Cleanliness is important in every environment, but particularly in a work setting for a number of reasons both practical and aesthetic. Research tells us that neat and clean surroundings promote productivity, while giving the right impression to customers and visitors. This sounds a little obvious, but should be emphasised as the alternative can create the opposite impression and actually damage a business. Both customers and the workforce know that cluttered and grimy work areas can encourage sloppy practices and procedures, the start of a slippery slope.

Thorough Specialist Cleans, Environmentally Friendly Products

Proper office cleaning is a specialised job, and something that is best undertaken by professionals who know what they are doing. Companies who offer this kind of service in Braintree, Essex, will usually endeavour to use environmentally friendly methods to clean ceilings, walls, furniture and fixings. Special tools and equipment used in the correct manner, are required for thorough cleaning and removal of dirt, dust, stains, oil and bugs from carpets, curtains, blinds and flooring etc.
Attention to detail is a major aspect of this type of cleaning service, as a fresh, sparkling and welcoming outcome is the ultimate goal. Not only is working in a pristine setting a pleasant experience, it has been found to enhance general mental health, nurturing a feeling of general well-being.

The Psychology of a Clean Work Space

Studies on the psychology of the workplace discovered that those who worked in an untidy environment were more likely to suffer with fatigue and depression. Messy spaces get in the way of clear thinking and make focussing on the task in hand very difficult. There are other effects of cleanliness that seem strange but are a fact, for instance people who work in a neat and tidy place for at least 10 minutes are more likely to choose to eat an apple over a chocolate bar!
A chaotic and disorganised environment promotes the need for comfort eating, and less healthy choices. Time is wasted too, as we search for that important piece of paperwork, leading to an inefficient process. A cleaner work place means a better nights sleep believe it or not, as getting things done in a good and organised way makes it easier to relax and drift off.

Health & Safety, Keeping Germs at Bay in Braintree & Harlow

Health and safety is affected by the level of cleanliness at work also, many days per year are lost through employee illness which can be critical for smaller companies. These factors are inconvenient and stand in the way of progress, but sometimes the issue is actually in the workplace. Keyboards are harbingers of dirt and up to 7,500 bacteria can exist on just one unit at any given time. Colds and flu are passed on in a variety of ways including handling an item which has a coating of germs. Computers, monitors, printers and photocopiers can all quietly accumulate a build up of dust, debris and miscellaneous gunk.

Keeping your office in Braintree or Harlow fresh, clean and bacteria free can boost morale profitability and stave off illness. Our team are delighted to offer a flexible service, so that your office will receive a tailored package with all needs covered.

Office Contract Cleaning in Braintree & Harlow, Professional Office Cleaning Contractor in Braintree. Thorough Specialist Cleans, Environmentally Friendly Products, The Psychology of a Clean Work Space. Health & Safety, Keeping Germs at Bay in Braintree & Harlow

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