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Professional Carpet & Flooring Cleaning Contractors, Domestic, Commercial & Office, Brentwood

You may feel that you have done a good job after thoroughly vacuuming your carpets, but look a little closer. You may not think that contaminants in your flooring can have any impact on the air you breathe at home or work, but your carpets can play a big role in the quality of indoor air. All day every day your carpets and floor coverings are catching everything that falls to the ground including dust, hair, skin particles, food and beverage spills, crumbs, fur, dirt, leaves and bacteria. Not to mention whatever else is tracked in on shoes and paws. This is why making sure your carpet is properly cleaned is essential to healthy living.

Using a vacuum at least once a week will help to keep carpets looking nice by removing loose debris, hairs and other build up etc. But it is important to keep on top of the cleanliness of your carpet not only for its appearance but so that it doesn’t smell. With the amount of unwanted things a carpet will attract along with any ‘unfortunate accidents’ over the years, it is bound to have a slightly distasteful aroma! You and other occupants may not even be aware of this, as the nose becomes accustomed to some smells which constantly surround us. A professionally cleaned carpet will give a lasting, fresh and pleasant smell that will greet you and any visitors on entering your home.

Expertly Cleaned & Sanitised Carpets, Shampooing & Bonnet Cleaning, Billericay & Chelmsford

Without regular deep cleaning, your carpets could actually become potentially harmful to you, your family, guests or even pets. They can harbour bacteria, pollutants and allergens making cleaning an even bigger priority. People with allergies, asthma or other breathing issues can be affected by particles lurking within carpets. As a result of carpet contaminants, you may experience wheezing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, eye irritation or fatigue. Professional carpet cleaning will remove the majority of pollutants and particles resting on or within your carpet and prevent them from circulating in the air when disturbed.

You have no doubt heard the term ‘ground in’, which means dirt and stains that have become permanent due to being continually trodden in. The quicker you treat new stains, marks and spills, the easier it is to restore your carpet to its former state. Your carpets provide warmth [lowering fuel bills], bring comfort, add style to your home décor, and importantly are an investment. Carpets are not cheap and a good quality carpet is designed and created to go the distance. There are several other reasons to maintain your carpets and flooring, for instance if you decide to sell your home, its unlikely you will want to shell out for new carpets. Prospective buyers are influenced by the smell and feel of a property on entry, so a grubby, stale smelling carpet could really put a spanner in the works! Carpets are a significant factor in creating your perfect home environment, and we can recommend the ideal people to ensure that the rest of your home is as stunning. Applewood Interiors in Brentwood, are experts when it comes to made to measure curtains, blinds, soft furnishings, pelmets and awnings.

Highly Desirable Essex Location & Birthplace of Celebrities, Brentwood

credit Ed Dunens

credit Ed Dunens

Residents who live in Brentwood need their flooring to last a long time, as the town apparently provides its inhabitants with good health and a long life expectancy! The borough was also voted the best place to live in the UK a few years ago, by the Halifax’s Quality of Life Survey. Impressive employment prospects were a factor too, with ease of access to London. The location helps to promote an all round living experience, with its rural element as well as urban feel. Maybe in Brentwood you can actually please all of the people all of the time!

Brentwood has produced celebrities and other notable people left, right and centre including names like Ross Kemp, Fatima Whitbread, Pixie Lott, Griff Rhys Jones, Louise Redknapp, Frank Bruno and Frank Lampard. Another claim to fame for this Essex town is Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, which served as a hiding place for central government and the military during the cold war. It is now open to visitors and the urban bungalow presents a façade which leads to a labyrinth of corridors and rooms reaching100 feet underground.

Strange Taxes for Hair Powder Users in Billericay & Something for Everyone in Chelmsford

credit Karen Roe

credit Karen Roe

Although we may try to eradicate hair and dust from our carpets, these things once cost some of us money. There was, near the end of the 18th century, the introduction of a Hair Powder Tax! The hair powder was made from finely ground starch and sometimes tinted blue, pink or yellow. People could choose its perfume from lavender, orange flower and orris root. In places like Ramsden Heath, Ramsden Bellhouse, North Benfleet, Nevendon, Great Burstead and Bowers Gifford, records show that only a handful of people were required to pay this tax. However in the Billericay of 1795, 35 people had a certificate to show they had paid the tax and were free to wear Hair Powder. These consisted of 18 were women and 17 were men. The tax gives present day historians an insight into the affluence of certain areas within Essex.

Chelmsford, like many other parts of the rich Essex landscape, is like a box of chocolates with a variety of centres to please everyone. Whether its historic buildings, music festivals, birds and animals, sport, art and artefacts, country walks or retail therapy, Chelmsford ticks all the boxes with its diverse offerings.

Professional Carpet & Flooring Cleaning Contractors, Domestic, Commercial & Office, Brentwood. Expertly Cleaned & Sanitised Carpets, Shampooing & Bonnet Cleaning, Billericay. Desirable Essex Location & Birthplace of Celebrities, Brentwood, Strange Taxes, Billericay & Something for Everyone, Chelmsford

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