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Posted by on Nov 5, 2018 in Latest news & Updates |

Remember, remember the 5th November

Happy Bonfire Night/Fireworks Night/Guy Fawkes Night. The only event we know in the UK that has 3 names for the same celebration!

Always use the Firework Code and stay safe on 5th November! We hope your evening goes off with a bang in the right way!

Here are some reasons why you should consider Berkeley Cleaning Services as your chosen cleaning contractor!

Here are things to consider when appointing a different cleaning service supplier:

We are competitive with our prices, as everyone is very cost conscious nowadays. We pride ourselves in providing a free fixed price quotation rather than an estimate!

We provide a reliable service that doesn’t let you down! If a cleaning operative is away either on holiday or sick we replace them with a relief cleaner.

We have been established for nearly 50 years and we are fully insured.

There are often moments when things need to be done at the last minute, as it does happen from time to time that a door lock or an access code has to be changed and suddenly you realize that you haven’t informed the cleaning company, well that is why a local firm is better than a national one! We can usually act swiftly in these circumstances and pick up new keys or inform our staff of a change in door code or alarm procedure. You certainly do not want a cleaning contractor that is based far away!

Cleaner dusting & polishing a desk

Cleaner vacuuming a carpet